Friday, May 11, 2018


Lisbon 2018 Eurovision is also a real get together for the last year's artists, on screen at least. Besides the artist from Belarus (who just got a baby btw), Netherlands, Macedonia (who announced her pregnancy and marriage live in thee semi-final last year), Georgia and Norway are all their countries spokespersons, and last year's interval act will provide the Ukrainian ones. Sweden gives the honor as usual to the Melodifestivalen runner up and while John Kennydy O'Connor, Nicky Byrne, Mel Giedroyc and Barbara Schönberger are there as usual (and propably Elodie Gossuin) we won't see Lee Lin Chin. Australia has opted for someone with Portuguese roots, just like Finland and Switzerland. 
Just like the running order also the order of voting has been determined by the production team based on the votes of the juries in attempt to make it as exciting as possible. 

Ukraine –  Nataliia Zhyzhchenko (Onuka)
Azerbaijan-  Tural Asadov
Belarus – NAVIBAND (ESC 2017)
San Marino-  John Kennedy O’Connor
Netherlands – OG3NE (ESC 2017)
Macedonia – Jana Burceska (ESC 2017)
Malta – Lara Azzopardi
Georgia – Tako Gachechiladze (ESC 2017)
Spain – Nieves Alvarez
Austria – Kati Bellowitsch
Denmark – Ulla Essendrop
Regno Unito – Mel Giedroyc
Sweden- Felix Sandman (Mello runner up)
Latvia -Dagmara Legante 
Albania-  Andri Xhahu
Slovenia -Uršula Tolj 
Ireland - Nicky Byrne (ESC 2016)
Romania -Argint-Ionescu 
Czeech Republic – Radka Rosická 
Iceland – Edda Sif Pálsdóttir 
Moldova - Julieta Ardovan
Belgium- Danira Boukhriss Terkessidis 
Norway - Aleksander Walmann & JOWST (ESC 2017)
France  – 
Italy – Giulia Valentina Palermo 
Australia- Ricardo Goncalves 
Estonia - Ott Evestus 
Serbia - Dragana Kosjerina 
Cyprus – Hovig (ESC 2017)
Armenia – Arsen Grigoryan 
Bulgaria-  Joanna Dragneva (ESC 2007)
Greece -  Olyna  Xenopoulou 
Hungary –  Bence Forró 
Montenegro – Natasa Sotra 
Germany - Barbara Schöneberger 
Finland - Anna Abreu*
Russia – Alsou – (ESC 2000, hostess 2009)
Switzerland  -Leticia Carvalho
Israel – Lucy Ayoub 
Poland - Marcelina Zawadzka 
Lithuania-  Eglė Daugėlaitė 
Slovenia – Maya Keuc aka Amaya (ESC 2011)
Portugal – Pedro Ricardo Pacheco Fernandes

*Who knows is YLE is thinking Abreu for next year? She should have been chosen this year though. It's unlikely YLE will not repeat the one artist selection next year.

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