Wednesday, May 09, 2018


If all eyes were on Russia for the Irish perfomance - earlier this week there was a rumor they weren't broadcasting Irish performance because of the dancing boys and their LGBT laws - China took us by surprise. They didn't only censor the Irish performance altogether but even bits of the Swiss performance where some rainbow flags were visible in the audience shots (they pixeled them...), but they also censored Albania, because of Eugent Bushpepa's tattoos. Same faith will be then for Italy I suppose unless Fabrizio Moro covers up his arms and hands, which he does not of course..... 
Weeirdly they did show both artists when they qualified for the final - maybe that was inoffensive then?
What is it all about? Read here. It's wildly bizarre, but then again don't forget Japan and their thoughts about tattoos....

Update: Mango tv is no more. EBU has terminateed th collaboration and banned them broadcasting tonight's seecond semi-final and the final. At least according this

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