Friday, May 11, 2018


Finland is all about monsters at the moment. The original ones, and Eurovision song contest 2006 winners are in Lisbon to promote their new album Sexorcism "because our German label wants so". It's of course also an excuse to meet up this year's monster and have a short dive into the bubble again, as Lordi is used to do every other year or so.
In a lenghty interview with Helsingin Sanomat Mr Lordi also tells what the victory brought them: shame. Finns were ashamed before they won, and a year after the victory again and it continues still. No gigs at home while abroad they tour all the time. Finnish radios won't play their music. Media interest comes only once a year, in May. Common people don't even know they are still active and ask him "when did you split?". Yet he doesn't regret participating as now everybody even outside heavy music circles know them. Would he do it again like Rybak this year? No. Would he consider doing it now for the first time? Maybe. 
He also told how he meets occasionally other winners, like Sandra Kim earlier this week in Brussels, and they don't believe their ears when he tells how Finns threat them....
Sad but true. 

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