Tuesday, May 01, 2018


Here we go again. Day 3 and we get to see the first half of the second semi-final act display their cards aka staging. Among them Eurovision 2009 winner Alexander Rybak who has rocketed up in the betting odds the past 24 hrs or so but also underdogs San Marino, questionable Russia and favorite Australia.

Norway - Alexander Rybak - That's how you write a song
When something is good and works, why change it? Rybak brings the same MGP performance here with on-screen graphics with air instruments, four dancers and a lot of energy and humour. The backing group has apparently changed though, the rest remains. He oozes charisma (if you like him) and is the plain old (if you don't) but for certain this is a solid, well choreographed fun performance and will go very far, no matter what the euroboys in the bubble say. A lot better than I wanna that won with a fun and energetic performance and not much of a song....

"Playful", "Cheerful", "Energetic", "Fun", "Confident", "Professional", "Childish"

Romania - The Humans - Goodbye
Romania's got vocals, but that's about it. The mannequins and white masks - clearly taken from their earlier promo photos -  were not very well welcomed by the reviewers. She's in purple dress and the others in white. She saves the act with her vocals, eespcially if you think loud and clear equals good singing. And challenges Eleni with some hair in the air action. The stage looks pretty crowded with all those dummies... Not much to comment anywhere it seems.

"Strong vocals", "Distracting dummies", "Theatrical", "Weird"

Serbia - Sanja Ilić & Balkanika - Nova deca
Another great vocal performance apparently from the three female vocalists dressed in white (again) and the bald guy. Add a drummer straight from the early 2000's era and a flautist. Dramatic staging and use of lights. But also rather divisive comments, some think it's not convincing yet and the choreography is forced while others think it's perfect and working, and they failed to impress or were just great.... This blogger likes this but understands too well all that lameenting isn't everyone's cup of tea...And then there's the unfortunate one warm salute as many reviewers noted.

"Balcan melodrama as its best", "Mysterious", "Not impressed", "Scary", "Chaotic", "Relaxing", "Visually impressive"

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