Wednesday, May 02, 2018


Hungary - AWS - Viszlát Nyár
Hungary is in the league of their own this year, and the staging is pretty much what was expected. You like it or you don't. The singer uses both bridge and the catwalk to run around barefoot and scream away his song with an energy of a little village. The guitarist crowd-surfs. This is heavy rock'n roll baby! Keep moshing. This is yelling its way to the final. Blue and golden lights with strobos. Pyros and smoke. 

"A little dizzy visually", "Hate it or love it", "Flashy", "In your face", "Loud"

Latvia - Laura Rizzotto - Funny girl
Surprise! It's red. From lighting to her Victoria Secret inspired revealing dress. She stands with her microphone until she's had enough and throws the stand away. The focus on her and her vocals - described by some as powerful, the other as weak - and emotions. Interesting camera angles and tricks including her hair? After Eleni and Romania's Christina also Laura lets her hair fly and become a part of props. Also her hands become props. Who needs LED walls?

"Minimal", "Vulnerable", "Over choreographed", "Sensual", Simple and classy", "Intimate"

Sweden - Benjamin Ingrosso - Dance you off
Sweden is another country to bring the national final staging here, as expected. Copy-paste of himself with minor changes and improvements. Unshaven Benjamin wears white shoes and grey pants with a new leather jacket and the lighting works well with his neon lights (take note Australia). His vocals seem to be fine as well - his back up voice with backing singers must be hidden somewhere in the dark as usual. Not much to say. It's basicly already seen before. 

"Polished", "Slick", "Colorful and swinging", "Clever", "Plastic", "Dodgt falsetto"

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