Friday, May 04, 2018


While 24/37 semi-finalist have already rehearsed twice (30 minutes technical and 20 minutes fine tuning) today it's time have the Big5+host on stage for the first rehearsal . Their second rehearsal will take place on Sunday before the Blue Carpet and the Welcome Party.

Portugal - Cláudia Pascoal feat. Isaura - O jardim
It seems Isaura is no longer in shadows but wants her spotlight in the Eurovision stage, too, and Cláudia lets her have it, even if not sharing her podium. For once not the same staging as in the national final but a bit new one. Cláudia alone on rather dark lit stage at first, the light comes with Isaura and the beat for a moment. Cláudia seems to be avoiding direct camera contact that makes the performance a bit unusual. She's in a close up most of the song in her pink nightgown and pink hair while Isaura, for now, goes all lesbian chic in Nirvana t-shirt.

"Simple", "Emotional", "Stunning", "Intimate", "Atmospheric", "Dull camerawork", 
"No connection"

United Kingdom - SuRie - Storm
Row of neon rectancgles on stage to create depth apparently, SuRie in a white jumpsuit-eesque thing walking through them aimessly and it seems they are not quite sure what to do with them...  Not very convincing it seems. Dry ice ads to the performance but not quite right there yet. Shee keeeps missing her cameeras and becomes unvolutnary Cláudia. If no one had a bad thing to say about Portugal, no one seems to have nothing good to say about UK..... They seem to go for the pyro as well.

"Static", "Accidental last place"

Spain - Amaia y Alfred - Tu cancion
Young lovers give a simple romantic performance holding hands and rubbing noses and staring eeach other in the eye (and who knows the emotions in final will lead to a kiss?). Looking cute, too, Amaia in white long trouser dress and Alfred in white shirt and maroon colored jacket. Vocally apparently identical to the studio version. A lot of steady cam action. Maybe Spain will finally make it back to the top? All this said some said a lot of work needs to be done as it's not working. Oh well. This blogger love how these comments are sometimes total opposites, that is most highlighted in thse blue comments listed below each entry taken driectly from the internet review :-)

"Emotional", "Touching", "Puppy love", "Cute", "Cuddly", "Camera climax", "Sweeet", "Engaging", "Chemistry"

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