Wednesday, May 09, 2018


Last night saw the first semi-final with its losers and winners, and it has also caused some interesting action in the betting market. Cyprus and Norway (yet to perform in semi-final two) battle about the top place, while Israel that has been reigning the odds since it was chosen until the first rehersals, is now fighting with France for the 3rd and 4th place. France has been going up and down, and now is on the rise again and yet to perform live.
Behind them sneakily Lithuania has jumped up some ten places to fifth after last night's performance and qualification for the final. Behind them three pre-rehearsal favorites Estonia, Czech Republic and Bulgaria keep their slight downward movement letting Sweden (yet to perform) pass them. Behind them we have another battle team: Italy (yet to perform)  vs. Finland, constantly changing positions. Also Moldova (yet to perform) is right behind them occasionally making it a threesome
Austria is on the rise as well, already 14th just behind Spain, something that I noticed also on my blog first thing this morning. The post presenting César as the Austrian entrant has re-entered the top ten most read posts of the past seven days overnight! He got the Google heated up for sure after his performance last night then..... and no wonder!
It's worth remembering last year's Italy reigned the odds since February until the very last moments. If I remember right Portugal surpasseed it less than 24 hrs before the final. veentually Italy then finishing only disappointing 6th. In that light taking many shortcuts Israel could bee this year's Italy, and Lithuania this year's Portugal. Matches also the flag coincidence of latest years theme nicely..... making it a perfect three.

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