Tuesday, May 01, 2018


San Marino - Jessika feat. Jenifer Brening - Who we are
"I am not your robot". Got to give it to San Marino for taking the Israel's #1 slogan this year and own it. Last in the betting odds all spring no one expected anything from them - as usual - but here they are again: talk of the town. Jessika and Jenifer, joined by two female dancers (and Basti hidden somewhere for vocals) got their four robots and created a fun performance including robotic marriage proposal that seems to have gotten mostly positive comments and press center in applause. But for the right reasons? Jessika's vocals seem to be all over the place, and Jenifer's rap quite not there but it's entertaining.

"Brilliant!", "Daft", "Fun", "Cute", Robot emowerment", "Better than expected", "Charming", "Amateurish"

Denmark - Rasmussen - Higher ground
The Danish hipster vikings are on stage marching with their two sails from simil boats. Sounding good and looking good apparently, too. A lot of clever close ups. Snow and windmachine. Like Norway this is just improved version of the national final performance and well received as such. There's also flag waving now, and apparently dry ice to come. 

"Solid performance", "Vocally in ease", "Qualifier"

Russia - Julia Samoylova - I won't break
As feared Julia is set up on a 2,5 meters high mountain (why?) To hide the wheelchair? How ironic, as last year it was THE thing) looking rather uncomfortable. Three backing singers that carry the song and two useless dancers complete the act. Water projections apparently, a lot of focus on dancers (no wonder) leaving Julia just a sidekicks (Think Strictly come dancing performances). General idea seems to be this will break the Russia's 100% qualification record. Or it should if there is any justice left. The "mountain" looks actuay piles of dirt those animal dig out when doing their holes in the ground....  and she's up there looking out! Sorry, can't help a giggle. 

"Static", "Akward", "Embarassing"

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