Sunday, June 28, 2015


When Sanni's name was announced as one of the artists taking part in Vain elämää 4 it caused quite a social media stir. Because she's kinda new. And young (22). Only two albums, the debut coming out only two years ago. But she has been flirting with stardom for a long time and has scored half a dozen hits already. 

Her first claim to fame comes when she was 8-years-old. She won a kiddies fairytale writing competition out of 3000 entries with Lintu joka halusi laulaa (A bird that wanted to sing) - an omen? Since then she concentrated on music, studied violin and at the age of 13 founded her first bands. Then she landed one of the leading roles in a movie Miss Farkku-Suomi, a funny thing placed in the 1970's.  Next she was featured in Aste's Pumppaa and was already prepairing her debut album, that delivered hits Prinsessoja ja astronautteja (#3) and Me ei olla enää me (#4) and sold platinum. Also Jos mä oon oikee, Dementia and Hakuna matata were released and gained good radioplay. Second album came out this year and she scored her first number one with 2080-luvulla. The newly released second single is Pojat. She has been also featured in two #2 hits, JVG's (aka her Vain elämää collegue VilleGalle) Venäläist rulettii and Cheek's Flexaa (that features also VilleGalle!). 
She has said she was about to have a break when she got the surprising call to take part. How could she refuse? She would love to hear Virve Rosti cover 2080-luvulla. 

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