Saturday, June 27, 2015


Antti Tuisku may have finished only 3rd in Idols (won by Hanna Pakarinen) but since then he has become the one who has sold most. he has been very active in studio and has released already 8 albums and two Christmas albums and the sales are over 250.000 and has scored a string of hits. He is also the one and only real male pop star in Finland if a popstar is one with catchy songs and great stage shows with choreographed acts. Three platinum records and five gold records on his wall he's ready to take on his second tv reality, as he has already won Strickly come dancing in 2010.

Antti (31) comes Rovaniemi - just like Lordi - and has been in Finnish Eurovision fans wishlist since forever, but with UMK it's very unlikely to happen. He has been asked for Vain elämää many times apparently but only now he has agreed. He has been doing also musicals ans starred even in a fantastic Christmas movie Joulutarina. He has also been a mentor/judge in a kid's singing reality KIDSing.
All his albums have made it to #5, four making it to #1 including his first and the latest one that came out this year. He has also three #1 single's charts hits (En halua tietää, Tyhjä huone, Juuret) while his first offering from the latest album Peto on irti made it to #1 in download charts.
Others songs by him worth mentioning are Hyökyaalto, Rukous, Jää tai mee, Rakkaus on, Leila and his latest offering Blablabla. Here's some more of him: Sekaisin/Hyökyaalto, UMK halftime show.
He hopes Pave Maijanen would cover Hyökyaalto (it's worth remembering the artists don't know which songs the others have chosen until they perform it) as he thinks it could be amazing. He's going for the adventure like to a school camp; to have fun and get new experiences and longlasting memories. 

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