Tuesday, June 23, 2015


Carlo Conti, who managed to create the most watched Sanremo festival in the last ten years in 2015 will return next year as the host and the artistic director, and he will be also the artistic director in 2017 with the option of being also the host again. This is good news in my books as he did a grest job and the most enjoyable festival with a high standard of songs also commercially. And he seems also Eurovision friendly so that's a bonus of course.
As there has not been any confirmation Sanremo will be used as the Italian national selection again, nor that Italy will take part I would bet they will continue with the method that scored them 3rd place this year: Italy will be in Sweden 2016 with the Sanremo winner. I would be surprised if it's anything else. 
As for the newcomers section, that Conti finally put in the spotlight making them to open the nights instead of closing them when no one was watching anymore like it was for too many years, there are good news. The pre-selection to access the festival changes format and name: Cantiere Sanremo. It becomes more of a talent show, with a touch of The Voice and Idols with televized programmes, couching and all that. Also, the selected ones will be featured before the festival in a special primetime show on Raiuno. 
But before Sanremo Conti will be once again with Il Volo as he will hosting a special night in September from Arena di Verona from their concert. 

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