Sunday, June 14, 2015


Örnsköldsvik enters the race for the Eurovision song contest 2016 hosting alongside with Stockholm (with Globen area), Gothenburg, Sandviken and Linköping. The northern town of less than 30.000 (or less than 60.000 with the surrounding areas without counting the elk and foxes) souls would be the most northern host city ever. The city's name, very easy for foreigners to pronounce, translates to Eagle shield's bay. The arena they are offering is Fjällräven Arena with it's less than 10.000 seats and that translates to (besides being a wellknown cloathing brand) to Arctic fox. How suitable for a town that consists mostly of forests..... and a very ugly "skyscryper". SVT surprised us last time with Malmö (that has now withdrawn its bid for 2016), maybe they will surprise again? 

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