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We all remember Pave Maijanen for unfortunate Yamma yamma and his last place in the Eurovision song contest 1992. But he is so much more: He's been in the business for 45 years. He's singer, songwriter, basist, keyboard player, drummer, guitarist, producer. He has done a lot of backing singing, including multiple Eurovisions. Before his solo career he was in several succesful and popular bands (Pepe & Paradise, Royals, WigWam, Pave's Mistakes just to name a few). He's the surprise name in Vain Elämää 4, and already maybe the most interesting one.

Pidä huolta was one of the biggest hits in Finland in 1981. In early 1980's he moved from rock to more poppier sound and released hits like Aiaiai, Lähtisitkö, JanoIkävä and Elämän nälkä. In the 1980's he scored two Diamond discss and one Gold disc for his sales, and also produced albums for Dingo, a band that caused a hysteria never seen before in Finland breaking all the sales records. In the late 80's he also released album in English under name MAYA. After that his star was fading and the last draw was the Eurovision 1992. Since then he has been doing mostly music for television and troubadour gigs with his guitar. 
In the late 1990's he joined other veterans Kirka, Pepe Willberg and Hector in a project Mestarit (Champions). They sung their evergreens in 1998-1999, sold out stadiums and released live CD and DVD. In 2000 Pave released an album, and another in 2010 without much success. It seems like Finns haven't forgotten Yamma yamma (the only song Christer Björkman managed to beat at homeground, lol) He has, it wasn't included in his 2010 Greatest Hits 4-CD package. In 2012 he was awarded the Iskelmä Finlandia for his career.
And now... it could be his great comeback with Vain Elämää. Finns might rediscover his songs and his talent. I can't wait to hear the covers by the other artists of his songs. Pave says he looks forward himself a lot to do a VilleGalle cover as he wants to try rapping! And he'd love to hear him covering Ikävä. He also says he has been impressed the previous seasons how great versions they have been managed to create and can't wait to do his, and hear his own songs by the others. 
His songs have been already covered by various artists over the years like Suvi Teräsniska and Marjorie for example.

In this series also: Virve Rosti, Anssi Kela, VilleGalle, Antti Tuisku, Sanni, Maija Vilkkumaa

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