Saturday, June 13, 2015


Helsinki has been suffering the worst summer in over 50 years with mild temperatures, endless rain and chilly winds. All was forgotten today when it was finally warm and sunny and Krista Siegfrids almost outshone the sun in Helsinki's Senate Square in a concert. And what a great one it was. Move over Antti Tuisku or anyone else: the one and only real pop star in the country is the one and only Queen Bee Krista Siegfrids! 
She sung all the hits, a couple of new songs and a few covers, too. All vocally flawless. Dancing. Intercting with the public and being lovely and all the songs came alive on stage in an outstanding way from Amen to Cinderella, from the latest hit On &off and a great new track Best bad girldfriend. But the real show stopper was Can you see me? A touching tribute to her late father that she introduced in a heartfelt way telling the song still makes her cry. And yes, she was visibly moved after it..... But then party continues under the sun, people danced and sung along and like in real life, when life goes on andd reaches the final climax with Marry me. There was a stag party couple, two cute girls in the audience and Krista invited them on stage and they all went ding dong together....
I don't think I could right now imagine a better way to spend a sunny afternoon in the city center! This force of nature needs to do Eurovision again! Immediately!

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