Thursday, June 25, 2015


Ville-Petteri Galle aka VilleGalle is another half of rap duo JVG. He follows Cheek and Elastinen in the rap genre to make it to a household name in this reality and who knows, he (or JVG) will move on to the next level of notority? He broke through in summer 2011 when Häissä went to number one in all possible charts and was declared the summer hit of 2011. They have released three albums so far and all have went to #1 in the official album chart. He says this is a huge opportunity for him, and hopes he is worth it, and hopes to make some great covers.
VilleGalle studied as A/C technician and played ice hockey and football before music and success took over. They started for fun and published their songs and videos in Youtube. Their videos often featured cameos by famous ice hockey players and various other rappers and artists. After platinum selling Häissä the same trend has followed with their songs and videos with a lot of featured well known personalities both in vocals and in vision. 
VilleGalle's first adventure to the mainstream entertainment and reality tv was taking part in the Strictly come dancing's 7th season in 2012. Unfortunately he didn't get very far and was voted out as the second participant already.
Three #1 albums and three #1 singles (Häissä, Kran turismo and Huominen on huomenna) and further top-3 hits (Voitolla yöhön, Mauton jasso, Tuulisii) the other artists have a variety of choice of his songs. Other worthy songs are Sara Chafak, Etenee, Mistä sä tuut,  , And let's see how he raps away the songs of the other artists.... He hopes Virve Rosti will take on Häissä...

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