Thursday, June 04, 2015


It has been another succesful Eurovision hosting. Vienna came out as an excellent host, judging the comments by most fans, delegates, journalists and Viennese themselves. It was also a green event. Instead of using disposable cups and avoiding a waste of 500.000 cups or 4,5 tons of waste. Also the water served was normal tub water, saving us from the waste of 30.000 water bottles. Even for the electric back up was taken care by batteries, saving us 440.000 litres of diesel.... But now to the numbers:

197.000.000 viewers worldwide
10.000.000 euro was the municipal budget by Vienna
8.090.000 used for renovation of Wiener Stadthalle
1.000.000 used for marketing by Wien Stadt marketing
800.000 euros less than predicted the Wiener Stadthalle renovation cost
120.000 people visited Eurovision Village in Rathaus Platz
100.000 people enjoyed the shows and rehearsals in Wiener Stadthalle
25.000 people visited Eurovision Village on the final night
7.200 people visited EuroClub in Ottakringer Brauerei in the second week
3.500 delegates, journalists and fans attended the Eurovision nights
the first week
3.000 people from ORF, volunteers etc worked together
for the final broadcast alone
1.600 applications for volunteer jobs
1.565 accreditated journalists
1.269 delegates from 40 countries
800 volunteers
140 event partners for ORF
140 people worked for the publisc transport alone
100 % of the energy used was renewable
85 % of the people coming for Wiener Stadthalle used public transport
77 age of the oldest volunteer
50 number of the languages the 800 volunteers spoke
49 public viewings were organized around Vienna
41 number of countries where the 800 volunteers came from
26 event supplies collaborated
18 the age of the youngest volunteer
15 public viewings were organized by ORF around Vienna
13 Austrian sponsors for the event
5 international partners for ORF
1,6 the average satisfaction grade of OTF & Vienna city's poll
(from 1 to 5, 1 being max)

These facts from Eurofestival NEWS

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