Tuesday, June 02, 2015


The artists for fourth season of megapopular Vain Elämää (originally Dutch De beste zangers van Nederland, Så mycket bättre in Sweden etc) have been released today and once again it's a mixed lot but Eurovision veterans are in again: Vicky Rosti and Pave Maijanen. Maijanen's presence is quite surprising but maybe this will be his revenge? More about that later....
The season four singers are: Anssi Kela (six albums to date), VilleGalle (part of Jare & JVG rapper duo, three albums to date), Antti Tuisku (10 albums, including Christmas ones), Pave Maijanen (11 solo albums between 1983-2010, in various bands and combinations since 1964), Sanni (hottest female pop star of the moment (?), with two albums), Maija Vilkkumaa (8 solo albums) and Virve "Vicky" Rosti (10 solo albums between 1975-2014).

For me this cast looks very promising and I can't wait to hear their hits sung by the other artists, as there are some great songs to choose from and artists who can give them a new touch. 
In coming days I will feature the artists one by one in individual posts with their career and hits, so stay tuned! The series will be filmed these next two weeks it seems and will air this fall.....

As we might remember the first season had Katri Helena and Jari Sillanpää (and Nylon Beat's Erin and Kaija Koo, plus made Cheek what he is today).
The second season is maybe the less fortunate, and included only - in Eurovision sense - Maarit, a multiple national finalist. 
The third season was a success in many ways and included Vesa-Matti Loiri and multiple national finalists Paula Koivuniemi and Samuli Edelmmann and was the most watched series to date. 
The albums from the series have sold over 500.000 copies in the past three years. A LOT!

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