Wednesday, June 03, 2015

ESC 2015: 197.000.000 VIEWERS

The numbers are out, nearly 200 million watched the Eurovision song contest 2015 from Vienna, EBU's exact number being 197 million in 40 countries. The final also more than doubled the usual Saturday night share (16,4%) considering all countries with 39,6% share. Compared to the 2014 edition it's 6% increase and 2 million extra people. 
The statistic also reveal an 8% increase in young viewers (15-24) with 44,8% share. Usually the Saturday night prime time share in the age group is only 11,1%!
Iceland as usual scored the highest share with 95,5%, while Sweden was second when 85,6% of Swedes turned to watch Måns Z bring the victory for Sweden for the sixth time. 
The host country Austria scored 59,9% share. May sound little but it's the highest in the last decade for any TV audience in the country!
In short: A success!

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