Tuesday, June 02, 2015


Oops, things are not shaping up for Eurovision song contest 2016 in Sweden as most fans - and maybe organizers, too - were hoping for. Two major venues in Stockholm have said No, thanks after all, namely Tele2 Arena (apparently SVT's dream venue) and Friends Arena. The only option in Stockholm now remains Globen.... already host back in 2000 but Stockholm's chances are now getting slimmer and slimmer it seems. 
Gothenburg, a previous host with Skandinavium is still in the running it seems and getting more determined to get it after Malmö has apparently said No as well. But then we have two newcomers: Saab Arena (ex-Cloetta) in Linköping and Göranssons Arena in Sandviken with the support of City of Gävle - both smaller but around 10.000. 
SVT has sent these candidates its list od demands, which is of course mostly done by EBU, concerning all sort of obvious practical matters from number of hotel rooms to travel connections bu air, and the locations of press center etc etc. 
Meanwhile the presenter roulette keeps going. Gina Dirawi is willing and Dolph Lundgren has emerged as a major possibility, next to Måns Zelmerlöw, too.... And Sanna Nielsen isn't out of the picture either. 

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