Sunday, June 07, 2015


Trijntje Oosterhuis caused media attention with her first dress (pictured below), ending up in front pages all over Europe and we were all asking why-ay-ay? Then she changed it to a pyjama pants (pictured above) and we all wished she would have had the original dress after all. And now she is the clear winner of Barbara Dex Award for the worst dress in the 2015 edition of Eurovision song contest. I suppose it didn't quite go for her the way she had planned.... 
But then, not even the first dress could have saved her from 14th place in the semifnal (out of 16) - and she may have won the award anyways! More on Barbara Dex awards here

The top ten from 2015
Netherlands - 1324 votes
Serbia - 605 votes
United Kingdom - 397 votes
Albania - 263 votes
Moldova - 237 votes
Georgia - 195 votes
Iceland - 148 votes
Latvia - 135 votes
Finland - 125 votes
Armenia - 97 votes 

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