Friday, May 01, 2015


Now it seems clear that there will be four extra delegations in Vienna: Morcco, Tunisia, Kosovo and Kazakhstan will all send their delegations to Vienna. Why, one may worder? To study and to learn and have a look at it, how it really is. Are we getting ready for a return and/or debut in 2016 perhaps by covering the event? Then it's forth remembering Palestine was very much present in Helsinki 2007 (I've even got t-shirts and other promotional material to prove it...)
Morocco is no stranger in Eurovision having already participated back In 1980 with Samira Bensaïd and Bitaqat hob. They scored 7 points and 18th place, leaving only Finland behind but Samira has then moved on to become a megastar in the Arabic music worls.
Tunisia was to debut already back in 1977 and was even drawn 4th in the running order before they pulled out and it seems even today unclear why exactly..... most likely due to pressure by the other Arabic countries as Israel was present in the contest. In 2008 there were rumours they would return but they never confirmed nor denied their intentions.
Kosovo has been wanting to participate since 2009 but as they are not full members of EBU so far it hasn't been possible. Now that Asutralia is in, maybe the rules will be softened for them....?
Same goes for Kasakhstan. They have been broadcasting Eurovision since 2010. 

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