Friday, May 01, 2015


EBU has revealed premilinary jury members who will decided 50% of the outcome in Vienna 2015 Eurovision. The list is not yet definitive and even two member names are still missing but at the moment male mebers beat ladies 132-106. The average age of them is 40, the youngest being two 17 years olds while the oldest is 86. Most of the jury members are in their 30s and 40s. The members will get togetger to watch the second dress rehearsal and rank all the songs (except their own of course) in order from best to worst.
As always the jury members include several previous Eurovision singers and participants: Aram MP3, Gary Lux, Manuel Ortega, Alexey Gross, Roberto Bellarosa, Søren Poppe, Tanja, Bruno Berberes, Marie Myriam, Nodi Tatishvili, Sophie Gelovani, Birgitta Haukdal, Ryan Dolan, Liora, Geta Burlacu, Donatan, Cleo, Adeleide Ferreira, Goncalo Tavares, Ovi, Alsou, Dina Garipova, Nicola Della Valle, Daniel Diges, Rosa Lopez, Ruth Lorenzo, Pastora Soler, Lina Hedlund, Gabriel Broggini, Hind..... and many, many more. Have a look here
The Finnish jury is Lasse Kurki (producer, songwriter) as backup jury member, Aija Puurtinen (singer, musician, UMK judge), Laura Haimila (Morning show host), Mikko Pykäri (composer), Pekka Eronen aka Aikuinen (film critic, musicians, songwriter, UMK 2015 participant), Jukka Immonen (producer, composer, involved in UMK productions)

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