Sunday, May 10, 2015


Today's exactly a year Conchita Wurst won the 2014 Eurovision in Copenhagen and this annoversary also means kick off for a new season as today the delegations have started arriving in Vienna. Things get serious tomorrow when the first countries take the stage for first rehearsals (Moldova, Armenia, Belgium, Netherlands, Finland, Greece, Estonia and Macedonia). It seems all is ready and people already arrived and checking things out seem to be more than pleased. And indeed it all looks fine. The city of Vienna seems ot have put a lot of effort making the event visible all over the town and the press center and the rest looks nice and cozy. Let the show begin!
Few facts on the stage: it's in the form of an eye, 43 meters wide, 14 meter high and 22 meters deep. 1270 individual steles surround it, all equipped with LEDs just like the stage floor. Behind it all a LED wall that is 30 meters wide and 9 meters high that can be hauled apart in the middle. 
And let's see what else is there in that purple bubble. You can check out more photos in
The greenroom is once again in the hall among the audience. Queen Conchita will reign here
The dressing rooms look as simple as they were last year
Press working area
Cozy sofas to do things
Ever so important cafeteria....
Real toilets!
And the press conference area. How could I ever forget the post-semifinal one in Copenhagen when San Marino qualified? 
Stay with me the next two weeks. I will do daily updates and reviews, comments and all the usual even if not on the spot this year. I do have my little helpers around and about though so get ready for some exclusive goodies!

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