Thursday, March 19, 2015


Exciting news! Remember the annual Eurovision Top-250 voting, the biggest Eurovision voting there is? With the marathon broadcast from n.o 250 to n.o 1 on New Year's Eve? It goes to television now!
Jan Geerts will be hosting a total of six shows on OUTtv starting next Wednesday, each with a special theme that you can see below with the broadcast dates. 
OUTtv will also be the first European TV channel to present a TV show on the official stage of the Eurovision Song Contest 2015. Before the stage will be moved from The Netherlands to Vienna, OUTtv was able to make a deal that they can use the stage for each episode to host the ‘European Top 250’. In case you can't see OUTtv don't worry, all the episodes will be on Youtube after they have been broadcasted. Aren't you excited yet???

Episode 1: sexy and seducing (25/3 on OUTtv)

Episode 2: hot guys (1/4 on OUTtv)

Episode 3: special outfits (8/4 on OUTtv)

Episode 4: different music styles (15/4 on OUTtv)

Episode 5: gay topics + homosexuality (22/4 on OUTtv)

Episode 6: revealing the top 25 à from #25 to #1 (29/4 on OUTtv)

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