Tuesday, March 03, 2015


It may have taken four years and a total makeover back to Euroviisut-like national selection but UMK finally can be considered a success in many levels. YLE has collected a lot of praise from fans and other people for the show, mostly because it brought back the Eurovision to it, and the word itself, "Eurovision" was no longer in the banned list but was repeated in many ways all through it. The average viewing figures were 657.000, peaking at nearly 750.000. Still a far cry from 1,2-1,6 million it used to be the good old days. But good. The videos and clips in YLE's UMK15 webpage were watched some 1,5 million times. 
Most of all UMK has been a success in Twitter. During the final there were 22.000 tweets and every broadcast Saturday #umk15 has been a top trend beating other popular variery shows clearly, from Voice to Kingi. #umk has now become the all time top-6 hastag with its 44.000 tweets during this year's shows. Finally 146.166 votes were given in the final. All profits went to charity. 
Now if only UMK would also provide some hits with chart success and launch some careers....

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