Thursday, March 05, 2015


Portugal will add another three songs to the final line up for this Saturday. Televoters will pick up two, and the jury of the participating composers another one. Tonight we have also Simone De Oliveria (77) who seems to be still waiting for the songs after her Eurovisions 1965 and 1969. Not really, as she has said she's not here to win and does not want to go to Vienna. Then one could argue, why she's here at all?

Rubi Machado - Quando a Lua Voltar a Passar
José Freitas - Mal Menor (Ninguém me Guia à Razão)
Teresa Radamanto - Um Fado em Viena
Simone de Oliveira - À Espera das Canções
Filipe Gonçalves - Dança Joana
Diana Piedade - Maldito Tempo

UPDATE: The finalist by televoters and jury are Teresa Radamanto and Simone de Oliveira. The composers chose José Freitas for the final and this blogger asks again, just like last night: What were they thinking? Perhaps sending the worst to the final to secure their own chances? The first semi was better, and (hopefully) as the winner!

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