Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Greece has revealed full versions and videos of their entries. Listen them below. Only five songs but a variety of styles....
Barrice starts with the Eurovision by numbers with some clued on Greek elements. Not the greatest singer nor dancer nor production. This sounds like a demo that should be given to someone better and redone completely. C:Real's first impression is a Within Temptation imitation but then enters the EDM beat and after that the most boring chorus. Weird stuff. Maybe works with huge screaming audience, in the empty parking lot the impression is confusing. And yes, it's Greek selection so let's add a few ethnic chords for the climax. Oh dear...  Maria Elena offers the obligatory ballad in the line up. If only it was in Greek... I like it, but I guess it will be left last.... We don't have any proper power ballad in Vienna yet. Shaya Hansen brings in the sunshine. With melancholy. A bit like the Greek situation at the moment. I guess this will win and bring Greece back to top-10 in Vienna. It has it all: whistling, drums, short skirt and long legs, a lot of hair and hey-a hey-as. Finally Greek with Thomai with her cocktail of sirtaki & jazz. Fun and entertaining. Even this would be a nice add to the Vienna line up as it's turning out to be a dreadful midtempo affair with screaming ladies. Opa!

Below added extra comments after seeing the live performances in the final.
Barrice - Ela
Worked better on stage than I expected. Dancers and full choreography hide the song's limitations and poor arangement. He surprised me positively.
C:Real - Crash and burn
The singer went all slutty with her box and was all over the place. A weird combo of rock and techno also in the performance. Don't know really what to think...
Maria Elena Kiriakou - One last breath
The typical guy at the piano, singer and dry ice in the ground approach. Maybe a bit unoriginal but ...  she left me a bit indifferent.
Shaya Hansen - Sunshine
Loreen and Emmelie influences are there. Two guys with flute and drummer, how old is that trick? Also vocally not among the best tonight and sounded surprisingly lame compared to the studio version.... I expected stronger.
Thomai Apergi & Legend - Jazz & sirtaki
This worked wonderfully. Four dancers with her and not a dull moment in the show. catchy and well sung. The surprise of the evening! We need this in Vienna!

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