Monday, March 16, 2015


The HoDs or Head of delegations are meeting in Vienna and handing in their entries and deciding on some things, and most of all getting to know each other's entries, visiting the venue Wiener Stadthalle and the Euroclub venue Ottakringer Brauerei (opens only May 17 but before that there will be six theme parties in six different venues) and talking about their stage shows with ORF. It has been also revealed the basketball pitch will be the press conference area, and the handball pitch the press center. The Vienna transport and museums will be for free if you have an accreditation. 
Some things have been decided:

The 2016 contest should take place on May 10, 12 and 14, wherever it will be. The date won't be confirmed until the new host is known etc. This year for example the dates were changed by ORF.

Austria has been drawn to perform at number 14 in the final. The other countries in the final will be sorted out by the producers after they have drawn their first or second half position in the press conference after their respective semifinal, or after their rehearsals in Vienna by the Big5.

Some language choices have also been confirmed. Romania has opted for a bilingual version of their entry instead of the originally expected English one (Hooray for that!), while Serbia indeed goes for full English version (Boo on that!). Also Macedonia is expected to go for full English version.... And I am asking why-ay-ay-ay? This means in the first semifinal only Finland sings in non-English, and Romanian in bilingual (Romanian/English). In the second semifinal only Portugal and Montenegro trust their own language (plus Malta and Ireland but that's English) In the final France, Italya and Spain sing in their own languages (along with United Kingdom and Australia)

Vienna Rathauseplatz will host the Red Carpet ceremony and the delegations' Opening party on May 17. The day after the EuroVillage will open right next to it.

The new Reference group election also has taken place and these lucky ones have been elected for the next two year term: Nicola Caligiore (RAI), Alexander Radic (RTVSLO) and Emile Sickinghe (AVROTROS).

Last but not least.... the artists will be building bridges as they will enter the arena via a magic brigde of light in the final..... What that means we have to only wait and see....

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