Thursday, March 05, 2015


UPDATE: 1,540.000 votes were given last night in the three rounds of voting. In the superfinal Andreas got 78.7% of the votes leaving only 21,3% to Ann Sophie....

So the runner up Ann Sophie goes to Vienna with Black smoke. A wildcard again. Germany, just drop the whole final and stick to wildcard selection only, especially if the Big artists don't even care to go to Eurovision, waste just everyone's time and energy. And money, those who voted for him! I guess Andreas lost most of his fans tonight. Maybe even his career. certain things are just undoable. If you enter, you enter to because you aim to win. And if you do, you live with it. He should have thought about that before accepting to be in the line up, when asnwering yes to the invitation. Or did he even propose himself? What a pitiful finish.... that will also put a shadow over Ann Sophie, who had nothing to do with it. I have no words. Watch the shocking moment here again. 
And the winner is Andreas... but then he refuses! And wants to give the victory ot Ann Sophie while people are booing! He doesn't want to go to Eurovision. Why on earth did he then take part? Ridiculous....
And in the superfinalist went Ann Sophie with Black smoke and Andreas with Heart of stone
So, Germany had it's final tonight. After all eight had performed the televoters sent four acts to the second round: Alexa Feser, Ann Sophie, Laing and Andreas Kümmert. That's when I started laughing. I would have saved Alexa and ok, Andreas did well but Laing? Ann Sophie? Lol. 

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