Friday, March 13, 2015


The Makemakes has won the Austrian national selection for Vienna 2015 Eurovision with I am yours. It won both the international jury vote and the first round televotes, and then also the second round televotes where they beat Dawa that was also second in the televotes in the first round but only third with the international jury. This blogger is happy, it was also my clear favorite in the end :-)

ÖRF has revealed further detail on televotes. The Makemakes won the first round with 51,15% of the votes! DAWA scored 14,35%, Zoe and Folkshilfe very close with 11,32% and 11,31%, JSB got 8,92% and Celina Ann only 2,94%. In the second round The Makemakes beat DAWA 78-22.
First round results: (total international jury+televotes)

1. The Makemakes 107 - 12+12=24
2. Dawa 79 - 8+10=18
3. Zoe 103 - 10+8=18
4. Folkshilfe 67 - 7+7=14
5. Johann Sebastian Bass 64 - 6+6=12
6. Celina Ann 60 - 5+5+=10

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