Monday, March 09, 2015


Sweden has never won the Eurovision song contest with a male solo artist but this year they are really trying. The final next Saturday (along with the one in Norway) is the last of the season 2015 and it is filled with muscled guys who seem to love parade half naked showing off. Some of them can also sing and perform, some... well, a bit less so. The main contenders seem to be Måns Zelmerlöv and Eric Saade. Then there's Jon Henrik Fjällgren to shake the things a bit. Let's see who wins that fight. It seems both Måns and Eric need to beat Jon first, but then also each other to win. 
Samir Badran and Victor Frisk are also ready for the battle even if they had to make it through the second chance round. They know how to pose but that's just about all it is about... Barking dogs don't bite.
Samir also challenges Linus Svenning with the tattoo department. Linus can deliver, we know that, but Samir ... well, he gives great poses.
And what about the seemingly more modest self displaying Magnus Carlsson and JTR? Magnus is predicted by some as the shock winner but can his sweetness beat those rough guys in the end? JTR can trust on teenage girls votes but Magnus? Who will vote for him?
Not only testosterone, we also have four ladies in the running. Isa, Jessica Andersson, Mariette and Dinah Nah are surely going to use every trick to lure the voters, but can they overcome this year's manly overdose?
Last but not least, we can't forget the ultimate hunk, Hasse Andersson. Will granny power send the loved grandpa to Vienna? Now that would be a fitting end to this Eurovision 2015 season full of (mostly bad) surprises....
Or will we have a happy ending and third time lucky Måns will crash the competition like a wrecking ball? I will review the songs in another post shortly. Meanwhile enjoy the scenery...

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