Thursday, March 05, 2015


Germany will have its final this Thursday. The last year's system will be used again. In the first round all eight acts will perform their first song. Four of them will be eliminated. In the second voting round these four will perform their second song and two will make it to the superfinal. Confusing? It is a bit, this blogger never got the idea of the song change in between.... Anyways. here they are:

Noize Generation: Song for you/Crazy now
Ann Sophie: Jump the gun/Black smoke

Fahrenhaidt offers to very atmospheric songs, is this Secret Garden or Enya of the 2010's?  Either of their songs would be something totally different in this year's line up, and so different from anything Germany has sent before. But then we have Faun and the same goes for them. Something very different and good in its own way.  I can't decide between their songs, I want to see them on stage first. Third in row, Alexa with two songs that I like. I like her voice and style. (This review isn't going anywhere, is it?) Mrs Greenbird makes me think of Hans on the Bass, that can't be good? But then I did like Hans! And I can't dismiss them either as both songs are decent. Andreas' Heart of stone is good, but less original than the other ones so far. With the lack of male artists this year so far he would have a slot, but... it would be a bit underwhelming now that the line up includes such original entries. Laing could have been great in some other year but now I can't be bothered with them in this line up. Same goes for Noize Generation. Ann Sophie qualified from the open call but I doubt she will do Elaiza and win it all. Very tough German selection, I'd say. And a very interesting one. At this point I'd say Fahrenhaidt but then the staging and all that is crucial. We'll see.... 

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