Wednesday, March 11, 2015


Austria selects is own represant and follow up to Conchita Wurst this Friday. Six acts made it to the final and none of them is very Eurovisionesque. The hosts feel no pressure I guess and are ready to risk a bit, which is always refreshing.
Dawa has an acoustic sounding simple "folk" song. It's kinda cute and nice, but is it strong enough? Johan Sebastian Bass isn't nice and cute but more like in-your-face kind of a song. Retro groove and crazy sounding opera singers as backing. A look to match and to remember. This would we bold and surely would stand out in the Vienna line up. Celina Ann is the Austrian Nina Zilli lookalike but that's where the similarities end. The song falls to the "nice" category. Nice only won't take you very far unfortunately. The Makemakes have the quality of making me listen to them and drop everything I am doing. Capturing. Beautiful. A song that I don't want to fast forward Yet I'm not crazy for it, but it makes me to listen to it, to pay attention for some reason. Zoe would be a nice entry for France or Switzerland, but Austria? Pourquoi, mon Dieu? And she's like Anna Rossinelli in blong wig.  Not bad at all but like I said, somehow it's just doesn't fit in. Folkshilfe's singer must be in as much pain as we listeners by the looks on his face during the song. And what an earth are they singing about? I can only make sense to the refrain that is from another song anyways.... Nah. 
So, The Makemakers for me. Or Johan Sebastian Bass for the fun of it.

Dawa - Feel alive
Johan Sebastian Bass - Absolutio
Celina Ann - Utopia
The Makemakes - I am yours
Zoe - Quel filou
Folkshilfe - Who are you

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