Tuesday, March 03, 2015


Portugal selects its entry this week with two semifinals and the grand final on Saturday. Three songs from each semifinal will qualify for the final; two by televoters and one by a jury made of the composers of the participating songs! Now that sounds a bit weird but.... The same happens in the final and three songs will battle it out in the superfinal. 
Tonight we have also Adeleide Ferreira (ESC 1985) trying a comeback. 

Rita Seidi - Lisboa, Lisboa
I like this kind of music and expected something like this when I saw it's by Sara Tavares. Surely not Eurovisionesque and easy, but who knows? Would be a very risky choice that just might pay off...
Leonor Andrade - Há um mar que nos separa
This could be quite good in the end. The chorus stuck in my head immediately.
Filipa Baptista - A noite inteira
The arrangement borders ridiculous. How cheap can you get?
Yola Dinis - Outra vez primavera
Now we are talking. Beautfiful, a touch of fado, great vocals. Clearly best so far!
Gonçalo Tavares - Tu tens uma mágica
Now we jump to the time machine and he takes us to any random national final in the 80's. In a bad way. Forgettable even when still playing...
Adeleide Ferreira - Paz
Adeleide continues where Goncalo finished, this is a random drama ballad with very poor live arrangement from any of the past 4 decades or so.

For me it's Yola, Rita and Leonor for the final, but who knows what the Portuguese think.....
All in all this makes me think of the old Finnish Euroviisut, where a music of its kind lived only once a year in that. In the end (2004/2005) we managed to break the spell and eventually win (2006) and have moved on since the curse was gone. When Portugal can make a change? I'm waiting....
Suzy came and was better than most tonight. Who would have thought? Anyways, she was one of the nicest ones in Copenhagen. And tallest.
Ok, televoters sent to final Leonor and Yola while the composer jury picked Goncalo?! On what merits?

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