Friday, March 13, 2015


Norway has its final this Saturday as well. No semis but only one final, with live orchestra. The songs have been out for ages by now and there are favorites, Mørland & Scarlett mostly by the foreign fans while Norwegians seem to go crazy for the pizza song. 
Erlend opens the show looking like male version of Conchita. The song must have looked perfect on paper but in reality it's not going anywhere. Raylee goes all American and in the genre I can't stand. Veterans Tor & Bettan mix schlager with the Disney sugary power ballad. This could have been nominated for Oscar some 20-30 years ago. Jenny offers us the Norwegian take on the female sung midtempo screamy song with heavy beats. Enough! Ira is just annoying noise mostly, the song never gets going. Contrazt gives us good old schlager. This could have been a favorite back in 1990 or so. Perfection in its genre. Marie sounds very Norwegian with her crystal clear voice. The song is nice. I like it. Staysman & Lazz ... well, what to say? It would be very fitting they win as most countries are going for some weird choises. The video tells all there is to think about it. Hopefully the naked man with the doll will be part of the stage act..... Mørland & Scarlett, the other big favorite follows and is completely different. It's like the darker version of Estonia's entry. Stylish, elegant and a bit mysterious. And dark. It's the Darkvision 2015. And it would be another duet and another ballad capturing the essence of the Eurovision 2015 edition. Who knows how this come across live on stage? Alexandra offers us American pop music but it has a little Europop in it. It's catchy and we need some female uptempo in the line up. If only she can deliver live..... Last but not least Karin. Interesting song and the live performance will be crucial, me thinks. 
So, who's my favorite? I don't know really. Mørland & Scarlett, Alexandra, Karin, Marie.... Any of them winning would do for me, as long as the pizza boys stay home. 

Erlend Bratland – Thunderstruck
Raylee – Louder
Tor & Bettan – All Over the World
Jenny Langlo – Next to You
Ira Konstantinidis – We Don’t Worry
Contrazt – Heaven
Marie Klåpbakken – Ta meg tilbake
Staysman & Lazz – En godt stekt pizza
Mørland & Debrah Scarlett – A Monster Like Me
Alexandra Joner – Cinderella
Karin Park – Human Beings

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