Monday, November 17, 2014


The silence around UMK 2015 is thicker than the November darkness in Finland. The rumors and number of those declaring their participation or not being selected are very few, almost non existing. YLE will announce the 12 chosen ones only in January while even the final date hasn't been yet confirmed, not where the final will take place. 
The fans are hoping for Jannika B's participation, based simply on the fact she announced she won't be doing any gigs from March 2015 for some time.... Wishtful thinking only? Time will tell....As all the other names mentioned below are totally unknown to common public she'd be the famous one here with some success and minor hits like Onnenpäivä, Hulluksi onnesta and Seuraavaan elämään
Satu Kostiainen & The Travellers told the local media in September  they have sent a countryrock & blues song to the contest. Author Samuli Koivulahti wrote in his blog he has sent in two songs written with Paavo Virtanen and performed by Anniina-Tuulia and Janne Laukkanen. From the same blog comes the news TaruLa is participating with a song by Petteri Laakso. 
Last but not least, Vilikasper Kanth, known from both Idols and The Voice has also sent a song according his Facebook. He sounds the most interesting out of these very few and could be the Finnish ByeAlex.... (and he'd better drop the surname if going to Vienna....)
Chorale has announced on October 23 in Facebook they were not selected and in Youtube you can find Risto Tuominen's Bang bang that was not selected either. 
Not much is it? Maybe YLE has asked them not to relieve anything and these are the "rebels"?  Or maybe no one wants to be associated as UMK drop out, not even for the momen't notoriety?

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