Thursday, November 27, 2014


The youngest for the smallest, that's the slogan for SMRTV for Vienna 2015 Eurovision song contest when Michele Perniola and Anita Simoncini were revealed as the chosen artists today. The slogan could also be from JESC to ESC as both have done Junior Eurovision song contest representing San Marino in 2013 and 2014. Without much of a success I might add. This fact confuses even more the line between JESC and ESC. There are the age limits for both, but at the age of 15-16 there can be huge differences in kids... I guess it's already rather clear this blogger is not very fond of the JESC. Anyways, both Michele and Anita will be 16 in Vienna next May. And they both look the age (or older).
Michele Perniola (class of Diva) comes from southern Italy, near Taranto. In 2012 he won the Italian talent show for kids, Ti lascio una canzone, and then in 2013 was picked by SMRTV to be their debut entrant for the Junior Eurovision song contest with O-o-O sole intorno a me finishing 10th out of 12. In 2014 he was the spokesperson for the tiny state in Copenhagen.
Anita Simoncini (class of Take me to your heaven) is a Sammarinese doc from Montegiardino. She's the first Sammarinese Junior Eurovision entrant being a part of The Peppermints with Breaking my heart, (the girl in red and now looking back already a little bit the center piece of the act) finishing 15th out of 16, and the very first singer in the history to do successive JESC and ESC. 
The song will be revealed later and should be by the usual suspects of the past few years.....
This is certainly a step away, if not a giant jump from the professionalism and vocal skills of La Monetta..... but then, it's not easy to fill her boots after three consegutive years! But then, maybe they will surprise us. Maybe. 

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