Wednesday, November 19, 2014


Now this was a surprise! While the news of Bosnia & Herzegovina not making it to Vienna after all out of nowhere come the news Czech Republic will return after five years absence. 
They will select internally and promise to offer us a "top quality Czech song".  For one thing, it's hard for them to do any worse than they did with their previous three entries. The debut in Helsinki 2007 finished last in the semifinal with one point only. The year after they scored a total of 9 points and 18th place (out of 19) in the semifinal and finally in 2009 they got no points at all and again last in the semifinal....  I think they deserved sometimes a bit more, especially in Helsinki. Let's enjoy their efforts in the past:

2007 Kabát - Malá dàma
2008 Teresa Kerndlovà - Have some fun
2009 - Aven romale
2015 ?

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