Monday, November 17, 2014


Alexander Rybak is working with a girl group to win the Belarusian national final on December 26, 2014. he has been to Belarus and through auditions selected five girls to perform his song, that will be very Belarusian as he says. "I have had this idea to work for my native Belarus for a couple of years now" he says, "I decided to compose a song that shows the Belarusian soul. I think I understand very well the Belarusian people that differ from the other Slavic people. They can be calm and natural. The song features both English and Belarusian and even the costumes are in Belarus style". He says he dedicates as much of his time as possible for the project but being very busy - only four days off before Christmas - he has a team in Belarus working on it and they know what he wants. 
Rybak also tells he's closer to Belarus now that he has been there many times, met his relatives who have told him how his life was as a little child in there, but says he has no plans to move there or even buy an apartment in Minsk, he rather spends his money on songs and productions. In fact, his dream is to become a producer. 

The voting system in EuroFest has been changed for 2015. The televoting counts only 1/8 of the result to minimize any manipulation attemps after annual voting scandals. The other seven parts is a jury of seven music experts, thus adapting the Maltese system. 
Other artists expressing so far interest to take part are Alyona Lanskaya (again), Gunesh (again), Napoli (again), Alesya Boyarskin, Yusari, violinist Maymunah and Misters, a group made of Mr. Belarus participants...... We should know who made the cut on December 5, 2014.

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