Saturday, November 22, 2014


Malta has chosen its 14 finalists and I must say my prediction went pretty well: 12/14. Only Raquel (pictured) and Lyndsay didn't make it, wonder why?. If we look at my want list it's another story, 9/14. My top contenders both made it so we are still chasing a dream with Trilogy and hoping it's Lawrence Gray the one the jurys will love. The final takes place tonight.

  • Franklin – Still Here
  • Christabelle – Rush
  • Jessika – Fandango
  • Chris Grech – Closed Doors
  • Karen Debattista – 12, Baker Street
  • Daniel Testa – Something In The Way
  • Glen Vella – Breakaway
  • Lawrence Grey – The One That You Love
  • Deborah C – It’s Ok
  • L-Ahwa – Beautiful To Me y
  • Amber – Warrior
  • Trilogy – Chasing A Dream
  • Dominik – Once In A While
  • Ekklesia Sisters – Love & Let Go

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