Saturday, November 22, 2014


All eyes on Marsa Shipyards tonight again when Malta picks up its represent for Vienna 2015. At least the artist, the song maybe as there are rumors and speculation it could be changed between now and the deadline to present entries in mid-March (the same goes for Macedonia).
Anyways, 14 acts remain in the race after last night's semifinal and one could see PBS is putting on an extra effort this year. Besides the show hosted on the same stage as the Junior Eurovision song contest a week ago - yet they have managed to make it look rather different - many artists have dancers and all that usual stuff to make every entry look different and thought after. Well done. 
Amber (pictured) is the front runner followed by the Eurovision cliché act by Jessika, but the girl can't hold a note for full three minutes, it's painfully evident by now. The nuns could win with televote but surely they won't win with jurors unless they are in majority foreign and want to make Malta a joke, and even Franklin. I suspect only because the song's written by Alexander Rybak. But the fans aren't voting and the televote has only 1/8 power on the outcome. I stick to my favorites Trilogy and Lawrence Gray and hope for the best! Let's see how this ends. 
Sister Cristina already flopped in the album charts in Italy despite all the media fuss and winning X Factor, will the Maltese nuns sink tonight? I hope so. They are kinda adorable like the Russian granies were, but their song is three minutes of nothingness (if that's a word. If not, it still sums it up nicely...) My review of the whole here
The show starts at 20.45 CET (and should end 23.30....) and you can watch it online here or here. The reigning Eurovision queen Conchita Wurst is on the island, too....

Tonight's running order:

  1. Glen Vella – Breakaway
  2. Karen DeBattista – 12, Baker street
  3. Dominic – Once in a while
  4. Trilogy – Chasing a dream
  5. Chris Grech – Closed doors
  6. Ekklesia Sisters – Love and let go
  7. Jessika – Fandango
  8. Deborah C – It’s OK
  9. Amber – Warrior
  10. L-Ahwa – Beautiful to me
  11. Franklin – Still here
  12. Christabelle – Rush
  13. Lawrence Gray – The one that you love
  14. Daniel Testa – Something in the way

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