Sunday, November 23, 2014


The series of popular artists singing each others songs between small talk has reached the Carola Day and yes, her Eurovision entries got a new treatment. Interestingly though all songs are from her early career (1983-1986) except the 1991 Eurovision winner, like if she had no songs from the past 23 years.... 
Carola was so impressed of Orup's version of Främling she wished he will sing it in her funeral in case she dies first.... Indeed he managed to breath a new life to this classic heard about zillion times by now. Ola Salo had chosen The Runaway from Carola's BeeGees produced album of the same name. I must say I prefer the original. Amanda takes on her Eurovision winner and turns it into something mysterious and exciting. Great stuff. Kajsa had chosen one of this blogger's favorite Carola songs and turned a sweet little ballad into a rockier one.
Another early career classic Tokyo gets update by Familjen. Or can you call a true 80's sound an update? Then we have the title track from her second album, the very childish Tommy tycker om mig by Love Antell, getting a 60's vibe that fits the innocense. I think I just have to get this CD, also because Carola has delivered some great covers of those artists' songs that you can hear here.

Orup - Främling ***** Vs. Carola - Främling
Ola Salo - The Runaway *** Vs. Carola - The Runaway
Amanda Jenssen - Fångad av en stormvind ****  Vs. Carola - Fångad av en stormvind
Kajsa Grytt - Det regnar i Stockholm *** Vs. Carola - Det regnar i Stockholm
Familjen - Tokyo ** Vs. Carola - Tokyo
Love Antell - Tommy tycker om mig ** Vs. Carola - Tommy tycker om mig

Ola Salo has just released The Runaway as his new single, watch the video here.

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