Tuesday, November 11, 2014


In these days countries announcing eternal marathons to select their entries that in most cases are useless, annoying and generally a waste of everyone's time, Norway comes up with the most delightful news: ONE FINAL NIGHT and that's it. I take a pow and love Norway even a bit more than before. Denmark has stayed strong and firm and given us the one night final like the good old days all these years and time will tell if this bold move will make some others follow suit next year. 
And that's not even all: THEY WILL BRING THE ORCHESTRA BACK! How cool is that? 
Norway, the country with countless last places celebrates also 30th and 20th anniversary of their first and second victory. With their third win in 2009 they broke the Lordi's all time points record and has kept it since. On top of al that it's Eurovision's 60th anniversary. Party on, Norway!
Oh, and the (usually somewhat underrated IMHO) final will be at the same time as the (way overrated IMHO) Swedish Melodifestivalen final on March 15, oh happiness! I have no doubt which one I will follow :-) Norway received 800 songs, ten will be selected for the final, they better be good!

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