Friday, November 28, 2014


The Swiss selection moves ahead. The 18 songs and artists have been chosen in various ways. The next step is the live audition infront of a jury on December 7, 2014 where the 18 become six this way: 3 of the German speaking SRF entries will make it, 2 from the French speaking RTS and one of the Italian speaking RSI. These six will battle it out in the national final on January 31, 2015 in Kreuzlingen. Who are your favorites?

SRF selected acts (listen HERE)

Arbresha  Same stars

Bubble Beatz feat. Sandra Wild  Run

Thierry Condor  Open heart surgery

Dahï  Destiny

Simon Hafner  There was a yesterday

Andy McSean  Hey now

San Dii  iMagination

Timebelle  Singing about love

Tiziana  Only human

RTS selected candidates (listen HERE)

Alenko – Vu d’en haut

Anach Cuan  Hurdy gurdy girls

Celia  Letter to myself

Licia Chery  Fly

Mélanie René  Time to shine

Shana P.  Kevlar heart

RSI selected candidates
The Vad Vuc - Cocktail e fantasmi
Deborah Bough - 1,2,3 take me back to 23
Elias ft. Zero In On - On your perfume

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