Thursday, November 27, 2014


Hanna Pakarinen is taking on a new adventure. She has been performing Carola's - not the Swedish one but the Finnish one - songs occasionally but now she takes them on seriously. She's having a concert in Helsinki's Savoy theater on April 9, 2015 and later touring Finland with Carola's most loved songs. This blogger hopes there would be also an album....
Carola Standerskjöld (1941-1997) was one of the most succesful and admired singers in Finland in the 1960's, and surely one of the most international ever. Her repertoire included many covers of jazz and pop but also original songs and she also performed chansons, schlager, Latin, soul, rhythm'n blues and rock'n roll in various languages from Finnish to Swedish, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and English. She also recorded the Finnish versions of three Eurovision winners (La, la la, Un banc un arbre une rue and Apres toi). She retired from the business in mid-70's but continued to do occasional gigs until early 90's until she lost the battle with Alzheimer's disease in 1997. 
But her voice lives forever with songs like Hava nagilah, Kielletyt leikit, Jerusalem, Mä lähden stadiin, Rakkauden jälkeen, Penkki, puu ja puistotie, La mamma, Rakastan saavuthan, The flame,  Restera, Perfidia, Agua de beber, C'est joli la mer ... It will be interesting to see which songs Hanna will pick, but one is sure: Un banc un arbre une rue!

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