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Ramzi is the man behind two entries sent for Switzerland, Katerina and Kirsten Joy. Even though he admits losing his Eurovision virginity with this, he seems to have been bitten hard and who knows, maybe next time he takes the spotlight himself? He's working on this with Joshua Alamu, a name that might ring a bell.....  In this exclusive interview he tells a bit more about himself and this Eurovision project. And what Loreen has to do with it all?! Read and enjoy! 

Ramzi, from Nigeria via London to Vienna?
Yes, an interesting and unusual journey for sure...but an exciting one :)
You have two songs in the running to become the Swiss entry in the Eurovision 2015. How did you get the idea to take part?
I've been monitoring the Eurovision for the past few years. As a songwriter and music producer I'm always looking for platforms for my music...I came to realise that the Eurovision is one of them and I was pushed into submitting my tracks for Switzerland by my partner in crime Joshua Alamu.
Tell us a little bit of your songs, One life and Love tonight. Have you worked with Kirsten Joy and Katerina before?
Yes they are both artists I was familiar with and felt they had great potential for the Eurovision. They are both amazing in their own separate and unique ways.
You are also a successful singer yourself, why didn't you take part yourself, and will you maybe one day?
I guess I never saw myself as a Eurovision contestant before for various reasons but you never know...maybe in the future you might just see me ;)
Should one of your girls win it, would you go with her on stage as a backing singer or musician?
Probably not a backing singer but maybe as a musician on the grand piano or something. I can imagine playing the piano part to "Love Tonight" or the guitars in "One Life". At the end of the day I want to support the girls in whichever way is possible to help them go far. 
Tell us a bit more about your own musical career. Besides singer you are also a producer and multi-instrumentalist. How did it all start?
My mother knew I had a connection with music from when I was a baby and the only way she could stop me from crying was by putting on some music. Then it was me dancing at weddings as a toddler. When I first started playing the guitar and piano at age 9 it was love at first site. It came so naturally and I started to pick up every instrument available, not to mention singing as well. The journey continued from there and here I am..
How your music ended up in the Middle East and Japan?
I was doing well and making waves in the UK with my first album Chapter One and a few of the singles featured on it "Alone" and "Love Is Blind". As a result I gained interest from EMI Records in Dubai. They signed me for the whole Middle East territory and I became quite successful. Shortly after I was approached by a label called BBQ in Japan. I released two albums with them which also did well.
Career highlights so far?
Performing in different countries around the world, performing for thousands of people, being championed at radio by legendary DJ's and touching so many thousands of fans around the world with my music.
Name three Ramzi songs everyone who doesn't know you yet should listen to?
"Sunshine", "Love Is Blind" and "Watching The World Cry". These are 3 songs that show different sides to me. If you asked me for 4 I would have thrown in "Never Meant To Break Your Heart".
Among many people you have worked with is also an Eurovision winner Lulu! How did that happen and how is she?
I just happened to be in the right place at the right time. A while ago when I was just starting off in the industry, my friend Taio Cruz was working with Lulu on a song. He called me into the session to help with the writing and to play the guitar. She was full of energy and still had that big voice and loud personality she's known for.
Do you have any Eurovision experience?
Not really...I've been a virgin until now lol.
Are you a fan?
I become a fan after I saw Loreen's performance of Euphoria in 2012. I guess I caught the bug since then. Thank you Loreen :)
What is your all time favourite Eurovision song?
Well I've only been watching it properly the last 3 years so I would have to stick with Loreen for that one. 
And an Eurovision song you would have loved to perform yourself?
I think I could do I nice rendition of Johnny Logan's "Hold Me Now"...I like performing ballads.
Have you been to Vienna?
No, but I have an aunt and cousins that live there, so being at the Eurovision would give me an opportunity to finally visit them lol. I hear Vienna is a lovely city with great historical buildings and musical history so it would be a good place to explore.
Last but not least: Do you like Sachertorte?
Yes yes :) 
Thank you Ramzi for the interview. How would you convince Blogilkar readers to cast their four votes to one of your songs in next week's voting?
Hi everyone, please vote for two amazingly talented, yet humble artists/performers Katerina and Kirsten who deserve a chance to shine on the Eurovision stage. I believe both songs are amongst my best songs written and have a lot of meaning that people from everywhere can relate to. These girls are going to put on performances never seem before on the Eurovision! 

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You can vote for them here (3-17.11.2014)

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