Friday, November 28, 2014


Christer Björkman has talked about the coming Melodifestivalen 2015 in Expressen. SVT is searching the ways to find the lost viewers last year and make the show more viewers friendly, or at least try to stop the dropping figures with some changes. "The approach has been different this year. We have taken joy, warmth, excitement and courage as the core values. Excitement and courage has been always there, and we have taken joy and warmth a bit for granted, this being Mello. But now we have to do things with more heart instead of being fixated on picture perfect television. Make it more autenthic, give it a more spontaneus and live event feeling. The presentes will interact more with the audience and the singers will get more space. To be able to do all this we have dropped one song from the line up to gain some time." Looks like they have finally woken up. Fixation of picture perfect show and songs has made Melodifestivalen such a sterile and uninteresting show the past few years, if you ask this blogger. 
He also admits cutting down the number of songs wasn't a hard decision. "We have always had ok songs that we knew were lacking a certain something, but they were in the line up until a week or two before the final decision. This year we have had so many guys applying, but we had to leave some of them out to have some balance. Last year ladies ruled the scoreboard so maybe they have been thinking this year a guy will win instead. But you never know how it wil go in the end. No one cheeed over Ace Wilder last year at first for example, and she nearly won. In general it's useless to speculate over something that exist. How can you put Mello songs in order before you have heard them?"  Well, indeed. How can people make charts and polls who's going to win when you haven't heard the songs in beyond me. And 32 songs was too many to start with. I welcome the changes with open arms and hopefully SVT will give us a less perfect show with better, more original songs out of the Mello format box for a change. A bit more humanity instead of plastic.
The artists are here and here, if you aren't familiar with the 2015 cast yeat. 

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