Sunday, November 02, 2014


The guessing the Sanremo 2015 names is running wild and the latest is Carlo Conti and his team are trying to secure 50/50 situation for female and male voices - which is very good if you ask this blogger - and the same time three new, or should I say very old names emerge: Anna Oxa, Loredana Berté and Patty Pravo. All three are real Sanremo veterans and all, or at least two of them might cause trouble and/or problems but surely would also create some media interest and clue Italians infront of their screens. Not necessarily to hear their songs but see what kind of chaos they might bring along. La Bertè seems to have an album ready, done with Renato Zero while La Oxa seems to have a ballad written by a rapper (?!). La Pravo, not exactly a fan of the festival might be lured in because she's having an album ready to release, with songs written by Tiziano Ferro and Gianna nannini among others. To these three veterans should/could join Irene Grandi and the younger ones Anna Tatangelo, Dolcenera, Alessandra Amoroso (the only succesful reality star who hasn't yeat participated in Sanremo) and Annalisa, whose career is in need of  a boost when the momentum of reality series is fading and hits are missing.
As for the males the X Factor winner Michele Bravi and yet another reality series product Dear Jack seem a certain thing. Also previous winners Marco Carta, Valerio Scanu and Marco Masini seem to be in, as well as Modà's Kekko's solo debut. Then there's the trio of Max Gazzè, Niccolò Fabi and Daniele Silvestri - again. I think they were rumored already last year (or was it even for 2013?). Rapper Clementino may be in or may be out, who knows?
And now that you have read this far remember this is nothing but rumors and time will tell how many of these artists indeed will be on stage in Teatro Ariston next February (and having a chance to represent Italy at the 2015 Eurovision).... Judging the rumor mill the previous years the chances are about 60-40.... :-)

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