Sunday, October 05, 2014


Softengine has released their third single following Something better and Yellow House called The Sirens. Will this siren lure the fans and non fans to buy their debut album We created the world that is almost here? The song is kinda epic but then something happens at 2:58 - something that has made some people speculate that's the reason why Eero left the band as it was stated it had something to do with the musical direction of the album. Mind you, I like it! I think it's an awesome twist of sound! But it surely creates some question marks what the album will sound like..... 
Here's the tracklist for the album:
Our New Age - Broken Reflection - Yellow House - Phone Call from Unknown - The Sirens - 
What if I? - Narcissus - Something Better - In Disarray - Circle - Our Life, Our Love

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