Friday, October 31, 2014


Switzerland is a complicated country with four languages, all cantons and cows in the alps. So their Eurovision selection is also one of the most complicated ones as usual. 
Three different language tv-stations having their own selections (where's the fourth btw? Isn't it time for another one like this?)
Anyways, the German language SRF has its about 200 songs here. The voting there starts next Monday.
The French speaking RTS has shortlisted 26 songs from submitted entries (something I would suggest to SRF as well before putting them online as about 90% of them are pure crap!). Now a special jury will first cut them to 12 and then to six. 
These six will go battle against the nine entries chosen by SRF and the three chosen by the Italian speaking RSI, that have not been revealed yet.
December 7, 2014 there will be live audition with all these selected songs (9+6+3) and a jury will choose six of them for the national final on January 31, 2015. Complicated? Maybe not so after all.....

Anyways, here are the French Swiss candidates:

Matthieu Blanchette – Bring back the moon

Celia – Letter to myself
Licia Chery – Fly
Claudia – Can’t you let me go
Electrum&Elisir – My muse
Michael James – Boom!
Jyaleen – Say hello
Gisel de Marco – Teasing you
Emannuel Leman – Silence
Lorenzo Marra – Life is about moments
Ricky Novak – Un drôle de rêve
Angie Ott – Libre comme l’air
Mélanie René – Time to shine
Sajadi – Après la pluie
Sajadi – Dis-moi quand
Shana P. – Kevlar heart
Veronica Singh – Sparks of sun
Sosofluo – Wedding rain
Taken By Storm – Moonless night
Tosca – Water in the desert
Roman Veda et Dan Sign Sing – Signe-moi
Zéphyr Combo – Avide du soleil
Alenko – Même si tout s’en va
Anach Cuan – Hurdy gurdy girls
Ascomusic – Le monde d’après
Bastoun – Le jour se lève

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Stéphane said...

Taken By Storm
it's MOONLESS NIGHT ! not Moonlight ;-)


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